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  • Engine: Power Steering Leak

    I have a 61 Studebaker Lark with a 58 289 engine. It has the Eaton power steering pump. I have a leak I can not figure out. When it sits for 3 or 4 days the reservoir will be empty. I can feel the bottom of the reservoir and that is dry. I can feel all the hose connections and they are dry. When I drive it it does not leak hardly at all. As soon as it sits it leaks alot. I have ordered a new seal kit repair. If that does not fix it I am stumped. When I check the level I do not overfill it. Thanking anyone for any ideas to solve this.

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    Can't you look under the Power RAM and Control Valve when parked, and see where the puddle of RED Transmission Fluid is?

    How about IN the Rear of the Front Crossmember?
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      My '62 GT Hawk was leaking at the P/S pump shaft seal. The seal kit fixed it right up!
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