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repairing dents and repair of concealed rust on C/K trunk lid

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  • Body / Glass: repairing dents and repair of concealed rust on C/K trunk lid

    Here's an interesting video byTool Dude Tony on YouTube. The trunk lid on his 1957 Silver Hawk is damaged. He drills out the spot welds and separates the outer metal panel from the inner frame of the trunk lid ("skinning the trunk lid"). Impressive work.
    This is not my video.


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    Had to do that to repair a 70 AMC ram air javlin hood once not a easy task.


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      I like his entrance (popping out of the trunk) and the video is helpful. (1) Isn't there a special drill made for drilling out spot welds? Might make that part of the task a bit quicker. (2) Also, isn't there a special body-shop tool for prying apart the seam between the two sections of the trunk lid? Again, that would increase speed and make for less damage to the steel.


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        There are special tools for some of the tasks shown. However, I like his enthusiasm and apparently he has the energy and skill to work with the tools at hand. For those of us who have used paint stripper, we know not to vigorously work the brush back & forth the way he does it because it will lessen the effectiveness of the solvents in the stripper. Better to slather it on with heavy one-way brush strokes and then wait for the stripper to do its job.

        Otherwise, I commend his efforts. I would have loved to see the "fit & finish" of the completed repair. Working with such compound curves as a trunk lid, especially with the inner support removed, then crimping it back together is not a task for the faint of heart.
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

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