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Pitted lower pivot arm

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  • 64studeavanti
    Plan on keeping the "bad" ones. Never know when they may be best available.

    JB weld is a good idea. Will keep that in mind for next time.

    Since I have a pair of NOS, I will use them for now.

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  • doofus
    I for one would not lose sleep over it. if you smear it with JB Weld then sand it smooth it will look nice hanging on shop wall. install it as is and be glad you had it when you needed it! Luck Doofus

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  • Pitted lower pivot arm

    How bad can the wear on the pivot arms be and still be serviceable? I know that they really are not supposed to pivot, but this one looks very rough.

    Fortunately, I have a pair that I acquired about 15 years ago that I can use.

    Just asking for future reference.
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