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  • Transmission / Overdrive: transmission conversion

    I am going to covert my 61 Hawk from manual to automatic transmission. Can I use any flightomatic trans or is there only one that can be used. There seems to be 3 or 4 different models.

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    If it was my 61 Hawk; I would use a GM 200 or 700 R4 with a overdrive. About the same amount of work and cost; and as far as I am concerned a
    better choice.
    If a GM Trans is out then I would use a Power Shift with a floor shift. Again, less work then either of the other column shifted BW


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      with both or these I assume you would need to get adapter


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        Is this a Six Cyl. Hawk or a V8 Hawk? The years of Cast Iron Case Flight-O-Matics that fit, will be 1958 to 1964 because they have the Long Tail for a ONE piece Driveshaft.

        The 6's will be Low Gear Start, the V8's will be 2nd. Gear Start type.
        With the right Torque Converter and Converter Housing, Dialed-in to your Block/Crank and Throttle and Shift Linkage etc. all will work.

        But IF the Car is Right Hand Drive you will have to consult the '59-'64 Chassis Parts Catalog for all the right Parts, probably from Australia.
        Assuming it is all possibly coming from the States, we have no parts or knowledge of the "Special Way" they built those.
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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          It is a Rhd 259v8. I am looking at all options which include C4 , GM200/700R. It will depend on availabity/cost/ease of installation and driveability


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            To answer your question, yes you can use any long tail shaft Flightomatic. Throughout 1956 and 1957 Studebaker used a short tail shaft version with a two piece drive line. In 1961 a one piece DL was used. They are reliable and available, so there is no real need to turn it into more of a project then is necessary.