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2R5 Power Windows Conversion

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  • Body / Glass: 2R5 Power Windows Conversion


    I have a 1952 2R5 restomod project on the go and curious if anyone has any advice for the addition of power windows?

    It will be a 12v system.

    Any kits out there?

    Thanks in advance

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    My guess would be a universal system. NuRelics makes kits for Avanti's and some cars but I don't think trucks are on their list but you could check.

    The problem with Avanti's and cars are the door height is low and doesn't leave room for the universal kits available so any number of custom fits have been implemented.

    The truck doors should be ok for the universal kits and generally a straight lift so I'd just look at various kits, see what you like and go from there.

    If you are doing a top drawer mod, try to buy one of the better kits as they usually have higher quality parts. Just Google the brands and see what folks think of them.

    Also check youtube for installation tips and performance. It's a great source for this.



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      I haven’t used them, but have checked out electric life. They have the original window crank switches as well, so it still looks original.