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    Here is an aluminum option. Can be painted flat black with Eastwood radiator paint.
    Jeep CJ 1972 - 1986 All Aluminum Radiator For Small Block Chevy Conversion free of 3-row gimmicks for high performance Jeep rock crawling radiator for sale


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      As I indicated on the general section of the forum it would be to your advantage to peruse the whole subject as discussed on the aACA forum. I could go on with my thoughts, but I already have in that thread. The people that populate that forum are real car guys. You will see that this is more then just what will get you down the road cheaply. It's also a subject for a discussion of what is best long term, technically, and what best suits the car's sixty year heritage.

      I'm sure that you're more then capable of bringing up the thread. I just tried it by putting "Aluminum radiator" in the subject box and was able to access it. If I can do it anyone can.



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        Originally posted by Stude Shoo-wop! View Post
        Well, unfortunately the radiator in Daisy-Mae sprung a leak. I opened up my hood yesterday to find a superheated jet of coolant leaking out of the top from a small hole. The question is, because the leak is small, would it be a good idea to use a commercial stop-leak first? I did my research into it, and it seems like the best one for my use (if I do trust stop-leak enough) is the UK-based "K-seal".

        1. Emergency "get 'er back on the road" action is to add a healthy dose of plain ol' black pepper to the coolant.

        2. Overall solution OTOH is to have the radiator serviced by a professional who can detect weaknesses in both, the tanks and the core.

        Considerations... The radiators in our Studebakers are 50+ years old hence the remedies are limited to NOS, (stop laughing!), and/or repair with the latter being viable if the structure is basically intact. Cores are of course available since they are a customizable commodity.

        Note: I have not mentioned aluminum radiators for a couple reasons, First; Lower heat transfer efficiency and the second; Ugliness!