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  • Transmission / Overdrive: speedometer gear removal

    I'm rebuilding a T-10 four speed from a 62 Hawk......but having trouble removing the speedometer gear that is pressed on the back of the main shaft, just rear of the reverse gear....I have already bent/broken two bearing splitters and the thing doesn't want to budge, even with my 20 ton shop press. I'm guessing I will have to grind it or saw it off, so I am looking for a replacement.....part number 1546046...if anyone has one to sell I'm interested, and/or any suggestions on getting the old one to budge! thanks...Lance

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    In case you have some with only the Stewart Warner number on it . 1546046 is SX-169


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      Have you tried heat ? Heat quickly !


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        Yes, I have tried heat, but only with my MAPP torch, don't have acetylene, wish I did


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          Wow, a 20 ton shop press and heat wouldn't get it off? Probably won't help you then, but this is how I got mine off, and used a MAPP torch to heat it up:
          Click image for larger version

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          Basically just a puller made up from some scrap metal. Here is the video this screen shot came from if you want to watch it. Mine was on there tight, when it came loose it really popped. But sounds like it wasn't on as tight as yours.
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            I sent you a PM


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