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  • Engine: Valve Lifters

    Would anyone be able to tell me what the diameter of the valve lifters in a 289 would be? Would there be an interchange with any other engines? Thanks...

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    IF you found some with the right Diameter, what do you think your chances would be of finding the correct DEPTH so the Push Rods and Rocker Arms would fit?

    It would be hard enough finding a last TWO Decades, Brand X that had Flat faced Lifters, let alone one with SOLID Lifters.
    I don't think there would be any savings here.
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      345 Desoto,i have gutted mopar lifters for years. same .904 diameter. just remove inner guts and you have new bottom seating lifters. Luck Doofus


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        STUDERICH - FYI, I'm looking to replace Stock Studebaker solid lifters with hydraulic rollers, and the hydraulic roller cam to go with them. Push rods are no problem at all. I have had numerous sets custom made by Smith Brothers, for other roller cam/hydraulic roller lifter swaps which I have done. I replaced the Stock valve springs with R1/R2 springs, when I rebuilt the 289 in my Sky Hawk...


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          ​ DUFUS - In other roller cam installs which I've done, I've used Lunati Mopar 318 LA rollers. Would they be the same diameter? This was the last one I built...and the DeSoto behind it I roller camed it, too
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            345 Desoto, probably the same OD, dont know for certain tho. are you looking for quiet or performance? Luck Doofus


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              Looking for quiet/no adjust/slight improvement in performance due to improved profile. Most engines I've installed the roller system in showed noticeable improvement, even without head work. However, those I've done head/valve/intake work on, GREATLY improved performance...especially the Hemi's….


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                You can get a NEW roller cam through Phil Harris ground to your spec.
                You can run the Crower early hemi retrofit hydraulic roller lifters
                (with special links to clear the Stude block webs)
                You will need custom length pushrods with the appropriate ends for the Stude.
                This is not cheap, but it is possible.

                Several Stude types have also run Chrysler small block flat tappet hydraulic lifters on a reground Stude cam with success.
                Yes, you need to change pushrods with that setup also.
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                  Whichever .904" roller lifers you choose, make certain they do not have the passages to oil the rockers through the pushrods. This is not as critical with hydraulic lifters but absolutely critical with solids.

                  jack vines