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Paint Color I.D (1953 HR5)

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  • Paint: Paint Color I.D (1953 HR5)

    Hello all,

    I have a 1952 2R6 which has a tag on the driver side that states the cab, trim and paint #'s accordingly. I also have an HR5 (Canadian version of 2R5) which does NOT have the same tag. On the passenger side however, it has a tag which states only the cab # but only this.

    I'm currently restoring the HR5 and trying to figure out what the original paint was, any experts have an idea? Note the HR5 is a 1953 and the "Cab Number" is "3283". I've pretty well got the truck stripped and not found any other I.D tags.


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    Odd that it doesn't have a metal tag with the paint code. I wonder if they may have used paper tags like the cars did.
    The June '85 TW article on 2R trucks says the Canadian built trucks usually used same year Canadian built car colors.
    Somewhere on this truck there must be an original sample you could get a pic of.
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      Originally posted by Dwain G. View Post
      The June '85 TW article on 2R trucks says the Canadian built trucks usually used same year Canadian built car colors
      Hi Dwain,

      Thanks for the response.

      It looks like "Maui Blue". The interior being a mix of the same and a tan/beige. I'm not not too fussed and will likely keep it the same as I like the colors. Was just curious if anyone had any ideas as I don't know the full history of this truck.

      Best regards,


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        When my 1947 Champion car was painted, the body man looked on the car for original factory paint that had never been exposed to sunlight, and computer-matched it. (It may have been under a piece of chrome or hidden some other way.) The result was perfect. If you have that option, it likely will be easier than trying to match old enamel colour numbers or formulas with modern paints.

        I used to own a 1949 2R5 built in Canada (HR5-719). They are great trucks!

        Bill Jarvis
        Bill Jarvis


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          As near as I can figure out, the only two blues used on Canadian-built 2R trucks were Maui Blue and Nocturne Blue.
          Skip Lackie


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            Back to this as I slowly bash and arc away with the rust repair. I'm pretty confident that "Maui Blue" is the original color of the exterior and much of the interior. That being said the interior has a beige for the trim of the gauges, to door for the glove box and the frame of the bench seat.

            Is that likely to be an original Stude color? If so any ideas what it would be?

            The Studebaker color chart I have has a color called "Monterey Beiege" that could be close-ish I suppose.

            Thanks in advance


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              I believe the seat frames were all painted a medium brown (unless the Canadian trucks were different) that is unrelated to either the exterior color or the other interior trim colors. It's pretty close to the medium brown used on the heater boxes. I took part of the heater box to a Home Depot and they mixed up a very close match in oil-based gloss enamel. Later in the 50s the seat frames were changed to a medium gray.

              The interior trim colors changed several times during the 1950s, from a darker beige to a lighter tan to a dark ivory. Again, not sure that the Canadian trucks followed US practice exactly. In any case, I don't believe (would be glad to be corrected) that I have ever seen formula for the interior colors.
              Skip Lackie