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1955 president speedster rear axle problem

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  • Rear Axle: 1955 president speedster rear axle problem

    Iam replacing the rear wheel brgs on this car. The brg# on the old brg is 14321t as is the # on the new brgs,but the old brgs have a taper of1.250-1.298 on the inner race the new brg has a diameter of 1.312 on the inner race. Has anyone else run into this problem with these brgs. Greg

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    If you use the Proper Timkin Brg. and Race (Cone & Cup) Part Numbers or Studebaker, I have never had a problem.

    Most Original, factory installed Rear Wheel Brg's were Bower.
    Is there any sign of the Diff. spring perches being moved and re-welded, meaning it's from a Ford?
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      the brgs sent by Studebaker International are KBC original were Timkin brg and race are the same number as original.


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        Someone else had that problem on here a few months ago. If I recall, the bearing would move too far toward the tapered end before tightening up. The result was that it needed way too many shims to set end clearance, and the drum was scraping the backplate. I forgot where he got the bearing, but it simply did not fit like OEM does. I will try to dig up that thread and link it here. Once he got the correct bearings, all problems went away.

        I had a similar situation with rear axle nuts from one of my favorite vendors; the threads were somewhere between metric and SAE, and the hex head was closer to 1 9/32" instead of 1 1/4".

        I found the link I mentioned above about another guy having the same problem, here ya go:Excessive end play
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