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    Originally posted by E. Davis View Post
    Thanks Rich. I was just replying to Jack's statement about "jumping out of gear and vibrations" and wondering if maybe my clutch chatter could be the result of a bell housing misalignment since the engine in my 61 was replaced by a "57" 289. The car also has a 307 rear end and I attributed the slight chatter on take off to the high gear ratio needing a little more rpms. I can control it by keeping the rpm's at the low end and not riding the clutch but it has always had a slight oil leak from the rear main and that may be getting on the clutch plate and causing some of it. Anyway, thanks again for the reply.
    Not sure which transmission you have, but T85s are prone to the chatter you describe, in low and in reverse. As you, I have learned to live with it, and minimize it by dropping RPM when letting the clutch out. I do not believe it has anything to do with oil on the clutch face, as it will occur with all fresh new components. I have heard it has to do with the input shaft end play, but never bothered to investigate, as I do not consider it a real problem.


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      Thanks for the info Joe, my transmission is the B/W T10 with the chevy shift pattern originally installed at the factory according to the build sheet.