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Dual MC for 64 Daytona

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  • Brakes: Dual MC for 64 Daytona

    Hello, I'd like to replace the original single master cylinder with a dual on my 1964 Daytona with factory front disc brakes. The booster and single MC are mounted on the firewall, not on the frame. I've searched through the forum and found some old posts but nothing with clear info on where to get the right parts. Checked and they have dual MC for frame mounted applications, but not firewall as far as I can tell. The car has a brake booster. Any help on parts and tips for installation much appreciated.

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    Dave Thibeault in Mass., Phil Harris in Ohio, and Jon Myer on Ohio should have conversion kits to convert the Lark-type disc brake M. cylinder to dual. Many have done this upgrade over the years. Just FYI, all Larks starting in 1961 had master cylinders on the firewall.


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      Thanks Dwight, I just spoke with Dave and he'll be sending me out a unit at the end of the week. All good!