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  • Paint: Need opinions from the painters out there

    I planning on single stage for Dad's 50 Champion. It will be a light blue solid color. I am more familiar with PPG base coat and SPI Universal clear coat. The SPI clear sands and buffs very nicely.

    I am looking for recommendations on a single stage urethane that sands and buffs easily. My local options are Martin Senour, Axalta (formerly Dupont) and PPG's shop line and fleet line. Our local PPG store stopped carrying Deltron. I could also order something else if there was a significant advantage.

    Opinions please.
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    Rank amateur here, but the last two cars I painted I used TCPGlobal acrylic Enamel. Why? Cost was much less than local and it sprayed quite well.

    I used the 1401 Daytona Yellow on my 74 Avanti with hardener and a Sharpe Finex spray gun. Lays down and covers well once the gun is set up correctly. Had slight "orange peel" but not bad for my skill level.

    I'm not happy with the local moderate cost paints available from PPG, local stores choice and runny. Remember - I didn't use the "Topend" stuff.

    Wet sanded it and the polished it out with 3M products and it looks pretty darn good. I generally avoid Urethane's as my polebarn is my booth so I use the enamels but that's just me.

    If you're looking for the top end stuff, let Brad and the pros help out but for my level of painter, I'll suggest the above.

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      If you are going with a light blue, why not use Maui Blue? It will never go out of style.
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        Why do you want to use single stage. Just asking. You know you can clear coat single stage if you want. I've used shop line single stage and after any where from a bout two hours to 24 hours dry time coated with SPI universal clear and not had any problems with it.


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          Roy, Maui Blue is what we are shooting for. Just depends on whether or not I can find a formula that can be mixed with modern material.

          swalcon, the only reason I was planning on single stage instead of base clear was to cut down on the number of coats of material I have to apply. By the time I finished spraying base and clear on my Hawk, I needed someone to carry my right arm around for a couple days because I couldn't lift it anymore.
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            Check with TCP. I will bet they have Maui Blue. They have acrylic enamel, acrylic lacquer, as well as urethane.
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              Wdills I hear you that's why I try to stay away from completes as much as possible at my age. Just turned 70 and goal is 5 more years than quit if I last that long. Not sure what Maui Blue looks like but just got a blue for a 53 in Acrylic enamel to paint a trunk. My paint guy did a read out on it and tinted to match. Real close so will work as I intend to paint everything from the back glass to the bumper and up to the top molding on the rear fenders.