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  • Engine: Water pump bolts

    Rebuild of my '59 Stude 289 moving along, engine bolted to the '55 truck frame. I bought the engine disassembled, so I have no notes or pics to guide me putting back together. The exploded views in the parts manual has really helped along with the numerous threads I've bookmarked for a couple of years now.

    So here's the stumble I've run into. The block and heads take 5/16 bolts, seven of them and a stud for the generator/alternator bracket. But the four holes at the top of the water pump are 7/16 diameter. The parts manual calls out the lengths of the bolts, but doesn't say if the larger diameter bolt holes need shoulder bolts. I've searched here and the truck site but can't find anything on this. Will the 5/16 bolt work in these larger holes or am I looking for shoulder bolts.

    thanks in advance

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    Parts manual calls for 5/16 washer plain part number G120393 (8 pcs)


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      You must be talking about the 4 Bolts that go through the WATER MANIFOLD into the Heads.
      They are all Standard 5/16" NC thread (national course) Bolts with long shoulders to reach.

      The Large Bolt Holes allow centering the Manifold and for the movement caused by re-surfacing the Heads.

      The Generator/Alt. adjustment Arm (in the right upper hole) uses a Special "Stud Bolt" (my term) with Fine threads on the outer end for a Nut and Washer to secure the Arm.

      The upper Left Bolt gets the Battery Ground Cable.
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        Right, should have referred to pump manifold.

        As they say, everything is as plain as day once somebody explains it to you.

        Thanks, Rich