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high/low beam wiring

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  • Electrical: high/low beam wiring

    This is a very generic question, pertaining to all post-1940 cars with 7" sealed beam headlights. I am relocating the floor high/low (dimmer) switch on my 1954 coupe. I can't find out if the low beam filament stays on when the high beams are turned on, or if it is always one or the other, but never both. I have all the Studebaker manuals for my year, but none show exactly how the floor switch works. I plan to use two relays (one for low, one for high) connected to a lighter duty switch. Can anyone answer that question?

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    Randy Rundle at:

    Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts, has ALL the answers about electrical issues on Studebakers and pretty much ANY Classic Car. Wiring Relays etc.

    However I CAN tell you that yes, the High and Low beams are totally separate at the dimmer and the sealed beams.
    Red wire for High and Black wire for Low, white wire grounded at the headlight Bucket.
    Which means the Low Beam turns OFF when High Beam is ON.
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      Thank you very much. That's what I suspected, but my floor switch was too damaged to cycle it through with a continuity (ohm) meter attached to verify it. So a double throw/single pole switch of any physical configuration can control the two relays. Stay safe! Don


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        JUST finished installing 2 relays in my headlight system ('56 Sky Hawk), and STUDERICH hit it right on the head. NOTICEABLE difference...