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Floorboard Installation 63 Champ

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  • Body / Glass: Floorboard Installation 63 Champ

    I have discovered rusted floors in both sides of my 63 Champ cab, worst on the driver's side. I also have rust in the rocker panel of the driver's side. What are my risks of body misalignment or collapse when removing the old floors? Definitely don't remove the floors and the rockers at the same time, I think, right? Or definitely take it to a professional shop? I can do the welding and fitting, but don't want my Champ to fall apart in my garage. The frame seems to be OK, by the way. I have the new repro floorpans in hand and driver's side rocker (outer edge only) on order.

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    You should be OK if it isn't to the swinging door post stage. If the doors are aligned and open and close well you may be OK. The pilar rests on a detachable crossmember; be sure that is solid. Good Luck


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