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NOS Auto Transmission Install

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    Originally posted by Rhys View Post
    Steve - I removed the Transmission Pan yesterday. I was surprised that was about a quart of ATF in it. The oil was really thick and smelled bad. It turned in a hard varnish on the bottom of the pan and on the filter pick-up. So, opening this up was WISE. It would have been a disaster if I hadn't.

    I am taking everyone's advise and getting a seal kit. Those o-rings are 55 years old!

    I will find someone to help me put the new seals in. That will probably be the most difficult part, but I know there is always help here. It is appreciated!

    Thanks! I will post my progress
    I suggest not stripping the valves, rather just soak them in Petrol inf you suspect they are gummed. They are easily removed from underneath the car if they do need further attention later. Click image for larger version

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ID:	1829251 DO have a good look at my Blog on the repair of these transmissions, they are really quite simple to work on., and I have out lots of pictures and commentary into it.
    If you get a seal kit and you find a round section 'O' ring for the front pump piston I suggest you replace it with an ‘X’ Ring‘ or ‘Quad ring’
    (shaft) ID 4 1/4” OD 4 5/8” Width 3/16” AS568A_347 because that is what is in them from new. When you remove the shift detent shaft, the detent ball will shoot out, so you need to be ready to try catching it in a rag or something. Getting it back in there is easy if you check my blog. The original clutch discs are bronze and are ok to be retained, along with the bands as neither will be worn.


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      I agree with Ross. My 60 Hawk, with second gear start, seems to take off with plenty of power. Maybe not smoke the rear tires power, but great for normal driving.


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        The PowerShift was designed to do just that... Power Shift.... Try it, you’ll like it. The transmissions are bulletproof you won’t break it, believe me.....
        64 GT Hawk (K7)
        1970 Avanti (R3)


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          We have to remember back in the day people who bought auto transmission were not into performance but wanted quiet smooth operation. Remember the other auto transmissions . Dynaflow, ultramatic, powerglide, powerflite, etc . If guys were after performance it was a stick. I remember lots of young guys with their parents cars winding them up in then drop into gear no wonder many auto failed. I was not one of them my dad always bought sticks until 1973 . Times have changed new autos are the performance choice the thanks to wonderful world of computers.