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1930 Commander Carb issue

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  • Fuel System: 1930 Commander Carb issue

    I'm working on a 1930 Commander 8. I just installed a completely rebuilt Stromberg UX2 updraft. Things seemed to be going well. Throttle linkage was working fine. By that I mean the leakage comes back to idle setting. The choke cable is a little sticky or doesn't move freely. Would take some advice there if someone could help. The bigger issue is idle speed. The RPM's are around 1200 and when I adjust the idle set screw I can't seem to get the RPM's down to a round 500 to 600 rpm's or a decent idle speed. Secondly, I noticed when I adjusted the Idle mixture screw I couldn't get a reaction out of the engine. I have a tach/dwell meter hooked up to the the engine and the tach needle wouldn't change when I enriched or leaned out the carb. I wonder why?? I thought a vacuum leak somewhere?? The carb is snugged up good to the gasket and intake. That's about the only place I could see there would be a vacuum issue. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
    George Rifford
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    Hi, Years ago I had a 1930 Dictator with the same carb. That carb is pot metal and is subject to metal disintegration so it could have vacuum leaks where you cant see or hear them. What i did with mine was to coat it externally with a epoxy coating where possible. That helped a little, I believe there is a new replacement carb available and since that carb will continue to disintegrate I would look into one . I'm pretty sure you have the same problem with your door handles , I was told it wasn't until WW2 that they were able to get the impurities out of the pot metal that stopped that disintegration , Ed