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Correct Sender for R2 Tach

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: Correct Sender for R2 Tach

    I have an NOS 1963 redline R2 Tach that I am putting in my 63 lark Daytona with a 259 V8 and single point ignition. The Tach came with the round type sender. Can the round type sender be used or do I have to use a square type sender with the single point ignition? Any help is appreciated.

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    the tach just works on the making and breaking of the circuit in the ignition. The can changes those pulses into voltage. It doesn't care whether it is single points, dual points or electronic ignition as long as it gets the pulses. The faster the pulses the higher the voltage to the tach and the higher the reading. As long as everything is in good condition it will work.


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      And yes, the round can type is the correct sending unit for R series cars. Tachs were also optional on non R equipped cars, and they used the square can type.
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