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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Noisy speedo

    What do you use to quiet a noisy cable? Removing my old one was like pulling a plumbers snake from a clogged drain. Filthy, gooey and black. It's soaking in degreaser now. Thanks!

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    Well Tom would I sound like a Smart A$$ if I said "the proper Lube"?

    That would be Speedometer Cable Lube, a very messy thin Grease and Graphite combo.
    I have run the Cable through a pile of Lube in my Hand or liberally applied it to the whole length of Cable and re-installed them.

    If however, you have ANY excessive amount of bend in the outer Housing, it will still rub, wear and make the Needle bounce, and possibly make noise.

    Also the Brass Bushing on the back of the Speedometer MAY need a tiny drop or 2 of light Machine Oil, 3 in One Oil, Sewing Machine or whatever in the tiny opening with a removable Brass "Cup.
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      Ha! I didn't know there was a cable lube specific to speedometers, Rich! Will look for it, thanks. Also good to know about giving that bushing a drop or two of oil!


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        Seem to remember parts stores selling speedo lube in a small plastic tube similar to what powdered graphite would come in. Unfortunately, speedo cables are getting so rare that most places might not even carry anything like that any longer. If you find something - let us know.


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          Disconnect it at the speedo head, then go for a drive and see if it quiets down. If it quiets down, it is the speedo and not the cable. If it remains constant, it's the cable. If it quiets some, but still noisy it's both the speedo and cable. Regardless, lube both the speedo head and cable.

          I make my own cable lube from ATF and graphite powder: dip the core in a bucket of ATF, then dump powder graphite into the palm of my hand; remove the core from the ATF and, while still dripping a little, drag it through the graphite in my hand while feeding it into the cable housing. This concoction is slicker'n snot on a door knob, and will last a long time.


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              The Moly Lube cartridges I use for my hand grease gun works good on speedo cables. Just spray in carb. cleaner with the straw tube and clean the outer housing first. (be sure to have it removed from tranny). put a thin coat of the moly on as you slide the cable back in. The housing needs cleaning what ever lube you use. You can get graphite tubes at most locksmiths if you choose to use it. Flaps have it here in Alabama. We don't own cars any newer than 30 years old, so most of use still have cables.


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                I packed my last core / cable with Never Sieze...... so far (2 years) so good.....


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                  I’m with Joe Hall. I have had really good results with lubriplate, luberplate, the white grease

                  for inside the speedometer I use boom grease (for lubricating telehandler booms) it comes in a spray can and does NOT collect dust. Good luck