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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: R2 Lark Tach sender

    My Lark Daytona convertible has a 259 V8 in it and I have an NOS Tach setup that I want to put in the car. I have the round type sender unit. Will this work in my car? I have read that it only works with the dual point distributor in the R2 cars? Should/can I change my distributor to a dual point type, Is this true? Any help is appreciated.
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    Alex Dragone , please remember to post in the Tech Talk section when asking technical questions, and choose the appropriate topic prefix when you post. This makes it easier on others in the future when they search for the same topics!

    Also, I see you've posted several questions regarding this same topic. It might be helpful in the future if, instead of starting a new topic, you add on to your existing thread. That way all the info stays in one place


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      Sorry, I’m fairly new to this forum and didn’t realize there is a tech section. I will make sure I post there. Thanks


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        try this link......

        or this....
        should work with single points
        sometimes used round senders are fried inside but there's a rebuild kit available