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'63 Avanti valve cover torque setting

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    DOT 4 is not silicone fluid.

    I don't understand why people here seem to have so much trouble with hydraulic brake light switches. While my Stude still has DOT 3 fluid in it, I do have three vehicles running DOT 5 fluid with pressure switches. One has been working fine that way for 40 years one for 34 years, and the other for 24 years. Is it perhaps that they are that old and not new China junk?


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      The ones I have replaced have been new. Two from NAPA and now one from Auto Zone but the units were not NOS, just right out of the box.


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        Not Studebaker but I had a 1986 Harley with DOT5, and same in-line pressure switch for brake lights as Studebaker. I owned the Harley 11 years, and used to have to change that switch ever year or so. Then Harley came out with a new/improved one, which costed more but was no better. Later, they came out with another new/improved version that was slightly longer and skinnier. It was the last one I had to replace, and was still working when I sold the bike at least five years later, about two years ago now. So go to your local Harley dealer and buy one of their long and skinny stop light switches. Gotta warn ya though, HD also stands for, "hundred dollars". LOL. Just kidding, maybe $30 or so by now.

        I have always used DOT3 in Studebakers, and only have to change a brake light switch once in a blue moon, maybe every 5-10 years. A few years ago, I discovered a later version that closes under much less line pressure, so the brake lights come on when you only lightly use the brake pedal. With the original version you gotta press the pedal hard enough for the brakes to come on lightly before the brake lights come on. I prefer the lighter pressure version much better. Of course, with the Hawks I can tell the instant the brake lights come on by watching for the amp gage needle to move slightly.

        So, if you are tired of changing switches but wanna stay stock, go to your local Harley dealer. OTOH, if you want a lighter pedal to activate the brake lights, buy one of the later ones. Not sure how much line pressure the Harley switch needs to close nd turn on the brake lights, but probably no more than the OEM Studebaker type.
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          thanks for the HD tip.


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            If you want to use silicone brake fluid with a standard Brake light switch, all you have to do , is fill the switch with DOT3 or 4 before yo install it in the line. The small amt of DOT3/4 will buffer the silicone and prevent it from attacking the switch membrane.
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