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Ignition wires for '55 Commander

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  • Ignition: Ignition wires for '55 Commander

    Discovered a damaged ignition wire on my 1955 259 cid engine and learned I could only buy a whole set of 8 wires. A recommended nearby antique parts dealer had them for $15 less than Studebaker International, so on their last day prior to Covid-19 shutdown, I had them ship me a set. When they arrived the bag they were in said for "Stude v8 1960-64". The wires have "Packard 440 USA" marked on them. Visually the only difference I can see is the straight rubber covers on the spark plug ends as opposed to the right angle ones on mine. I could probably fit my right angle covers on the new ones. Looking at the engine I don't see anything in the way if I use the straight covers. Exact 1955 "correctness" is not important to me if it is felt by you more knowledgeable folks that these wires will function correctly.

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    MOST Stude. V8's Today are running those Straight Plug ends, what is annoying are the ones that have angled Boots on the Dist. Ends.

    The LENGTHS are THE most important factor when using Non-Studebaker Vendor Plug Wires, if those are "good enough", you are good to GO!

    Before I was able to get the Correct Length Stude. Vendor Wires, I always used 348/409 Chev. Wires and never had a : "Too Short" Wire.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      The Packard brand of wires were always the ones to use for us car nuts where I grew up. One thing you might want to check is if they are solid core or the fiber/graphite core. Both are excellent, but the solid cores make a bit of static on your radio. I never cared, and always used solid core on my cars back then.


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        My low mileage 57 Commander has original straight plug connectors.