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still working on the 37

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  • still working on the 37

    All you guys are right. took the oil pan off and no rear main seal.
    did find that the sealer stuff that was used to seal the pan has broken down and some was floating in the oil. Cant't find another pan. How would I fix this one? it had small pin holes in it. I am losing oil pressure slowly. drops from 45lb. slowly after driving about 10 miles, does not over heat. could the pressure relief valve do this? there was no metal or anything in the oil. just oil. Things were great for about 4 years. Thanks for all the help.

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    Why don't you try chemically stripping the pan, then braze or silver solder the pinholes? I think welding would put enough heat into the pan that it might warp beyond where it could fit properly. Just a suggestion.


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      I'm not sure but I wouldn't think your pan would be too thin to mig weld. As long as it's clean and you use copper or brass as a back plate, low settings in a spot-weld type action should do the trick. I just got through filling some small holes in less than 22 gage. What kind of '37 are you working on? Jimmy '37 CE


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        For one thing, the oil pressure is gonna drop as the engine warms up. That's for certain. The question is - how low is it going to when warmed up?
        You'll see guys crow about their 55 or 65 lbs. of oil pressure but that's really not good. If you can maintain 25lbs. while cruising when the engine's warm, you're gonna be OK. My Transtar's old V8 Stude's been running like this for years! Gage needle barely registers at idle when hot! SEVENTEEN YEARS like this - towing over mountains - driving to South Bend and back - serving as daily driver... how DOES it not sling apart???

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          quote:how DOES it not sling apart???
          It's a Studebaker. That's reason enough. [8D]


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          Hazlehurst, Georgia
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            It is a Dictator coupe. I had 1 at speed when it drops. now it is at 0 cold. I have pulled the pan. the oil pick up seemed loose. fixed that. think I will replace the pressure relief valve if I can get one. The gears in the oil pump check ok. no play. Sure glad you guys are around to help.!!!


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              I believe that is not a self-priming pump. Remove your oil pump and fill it with vaseline - completely full. Reassemble it, and your pump should prime when you start the engine.