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64 GT Hawk rear glass install

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  • Body / Glass: 64 GT Hawk rear glass install

    I hope this question does not sound to stupid but we disassembled this car over 20 years ago and I just cannot remember how this goes back together. the car is a 64 GT Hawk. I am ready to reinstall the windshield and the rear glass. The windshield is ready to go, rubber on the glass and the 4 pcs of stainless is in the rubber. The rear glass has the bottom stainless trim in the groove. The trim groove, like the windshield rubber, extends around the entire perimeter of the rubber but it looks like the wider stainless trim pieces do not go in the groove. It looks like the 3 stainless trim pieces just butt up to the rubber and screw into the body. This may not be a tough question if I had the car here but it's in a trim shop getting the headliner installed . Am I correct in thinking the 3 wider rear stainless pcs do not actually attach to the rubber? My Studebaker service manual covered every model but the GT Hawk.

    Thanks again for the help, Mark

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    That is correct. Just the bottom stainless gets installed in the rubber.
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