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Hawk door latch adjustment

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  • Body / Glass: Hawk door latch adjustment

    Anybody have advice on how to adjust the door latches on a '60 hawk? I think maybe my strikers are too far in. I have to slam the crap out of it to get it to shut all the way.
    '60 Hawk

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    first be sure the latch in the door is well oiled and turns free. The latch piece on the body should move in and out or up and down if you loosen the screws.


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      The way I usually set the doors is loosen the the striker plate screws slightly and push the door in as far as you can holding the outdoor handle button in. This will align the plate laterally and vertically. Gently open the door so as to not move the striker plate. Tighten the screws . From this point you can make final door adjustments . I have found Hawk doors like to be a little tight on closing or they rattle.