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    Originally posted by thehotrodder View Post
    Mr 345 DeSoto: can you provide a schematic of the relays? My wife’s 66 cruiser has a relay install but I think something isn’t right. I have no brights. All I have are dimms and brighter dimms.
    Dim lights almost always means bad ground(s), not anything related to relays.
    Skip Lackie


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      Originally posted by bensherb View Post

      Thank you, that is something I'd never heard before. My dad had cataract surgery and that was never mentoined to me. I was a welder for decades, I figured I was just drawn to the light! It didn't really start to bother me until I got glasses ,at 46, but that was also when they went to these new crappy auto light lenses.
      Welcome to old age, cataract surgery can help if that's an issue but old age remains undefeated. My night vision is much less than years ago but my eyes still check out as cataract, disease and glaucoma free but they are just keeping up with my age.



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        thehotrodder - I forgot to ask, but are you trying to run dims and high beams through only one relay? You'll need a relay for each system....