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    I just re-joined the group after 25+ years. I posted an intro with pics here:

    The 259 runs, waiting on a water pump, fuel pump, etc. When I got it home, I had to remove the driveshaft to use on the tow dolly. The splines near the center support bearing are seized. I sprayed some PB Blaster in there two months ago, and now have some AeroKroil. It is still kind of wet in the Northwest to be crawling around in the mud, but do you think I will need to break out some heat to free it up?

    It seems like the best way to get the center support bearing out is to remove the fuel tank (poor clearance on the old rusty bolts). I will need to do it anyhow because it has been sitting for 30 years. I haven't tried the drain plug yet.

    What are the chances that the OD solenoid and governor are still operable? I have a lot of work to do before I drive it around. The column shifter seems to work, and I heard no strange noises when I pushed in the clutch while running.

    I'm open to any thoughts.



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    Hi Tom and welcome back. I expect others will chime in with some specific advice, but unless the governor and solenoid have been damaged or have gotten wet, they could still work. I never had any issues on those parts with my old C cab truck that I had up until a couple of years ago. Good luck with your project. The Northwest Overdrive is being hosted near Spokane in mid-May, so that would be a good time for you to reconnect with a bunch of Stude folks in the Northwest if you have not already done so.
    Mark Hayden
    '66 Commander
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      The solenoid and governor sohuld be OK if they were when parked, but there may be oil or corrosion on connections and points. Both are easy to remove and clean, so while you are under there, take them out and clean them up!
      Ron Dame
      '63 Champ


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        If you haven’t already done it - shot some grease into the housing with the splines. A number of times, the way I got those off was to push something through the u-joint and take a rubber mallet to it. If it is the old grease holding it on, a little hand-held torch might help it off.

        Since you are going to pull the tank already - center support bearing would be easier to get to. Is it noticeably worn out or are you replacing because it might be? IIRC, that bearing has to be pressed off and the new one pressed on that front shaft.

        Good luck.


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          I have slip joint driveshafts in the 56J and 62GT (both have fixed yoke T85s), and lube the splines at least every 10,000 miles, but usually closer to 5,000. I swear both cars are smoother on the road after the splines are freshly lubed. If it were me, I'd totally disassemble your driveshaft, clean, inspect and lube the splines; probably replace the u'joints and carrier bearing if in doubt. I had to have a driveshaft custom made for the 62GT but originally looked for a Stude truck driveshaft. I was advised, even if I found one that fit, they were bad about the splines wearing out. So I bit the bullet and had one made. No regrets. Hopefully the splines in yours will be OK.