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Where is the dipstick on a '51 Champion?

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  • Engine: Where is the dipstick on a '51 Champion?

    Where is the oil dipstick located on a 51 champion?

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    Only a guess. Under the breather cap.


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      Either way, in a Hole in the Lower part of the Left Rear of the Block just in front of the Starter, or inside of the Oil Cap as said.

      By this time, many of these Cars no longer have the same YEAR model Engine installed that they had when New.

      You May have put the Filler Tube in the wrong Hole if it has no small dipstick hole at the Rear, you need to move the Pipe to the Rear Hole and Buy a Dipstick Oil Cap.

      Is the Replacement Engine a Car or Truck and WHAT year?
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        Your spot on. The new engine is from a 49 truck. The starter blocks the rear hole blocking what looks like a freeze plug. The oil pan pump is to the rear so I put the filler pipe towards the front which has has the shallow point of the oil pan. The incorporated oil stick is now to long. Can you provide a photo of the hole you speak of in front of the starter? Does oil sit in the shallow part of the oil pan to get a reading?