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  • Frame / Springs: Sway bar

    I have a 1960 Lark originally 6 cylinder flathead but it has no sway bars, when i first bought the car i did look at how i could retrofit them but i've since seen posts about sway bars for 1950's Studebakers so i looked again and cannot find any evidence of them been fitted, Is this due to the L6 been low powered that they didn't bother or was it an option.

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    I once owned a '63 Standard (A stripped down trim level) that came without a sway bar. A front sway bar from a V8 lark was a bolt in procedure. The handling was significantly improved. Except for the President line most sedans came without a rear sway bar.
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      The 1958 to 1962 V8 Front Stabilizer System is frame Mounted with "Rods" and bushings to the Frame as well as the 4 Bushings and retainers to the "A" Arms.

      The 1963 to 1966 System is the best with "V" Shaped brackets to the Frame, both will work well, the Later Type is just sturdier.

      The Sixes were not fitted with Stabilizer Bars basically due to Front end weight not being enough to need one.
      Later Six Cyl. Larks did get one but were never Frame mounted, only "A" Arm Mounted the same as used on '53 to '57 Cars which were heavier Cars than a Lark.

      Of course Cost may have been a secondary reason, but the Engineering Dept. opinions usually came FIRST, not Sales Dept.
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        Adding a rear sway bar will help a lot with cornering.
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