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1960 hawk door locks

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  • Body / Glass: 1960 hawk door locks

    Does anyone know of an easy way to get to the C-clips that hold the door locks. I'm considering cutting a hole in the metal door panel. It would be covered up with upholstery.
    '60 Hawk

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    I am Sure the Shop manual Shows a LOT easier way than that, no cutting should be necessary.

    It's one of those jobs that once you know which way to Push or Pull and with what Tool, it can be done by feel, through the access hole with the Glass UP without seeing it.

    If nothing else works, remove the "Remote Unit" (Inside Door Handle Release) and connecting Rod WITH the Latch all in one piece.
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      Yogi, that "C" clip has a 90 degree lip on it. locate the lip, WD40 will help then grip the lip top and bottom and work it out. Luck Doofus


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        VIse-Grips help.

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          Vise grips work but Channel locks will remove the stubborn "C" clips i seem to be cursed with! Luck Doofus


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            Those C clips can be hard to remove. What ever you use, use a slight rotating action to remove. Wear a good pair of gloves. I cut a tendon in my hand on window regulator once removing one of those. Of course it was an Oldsmobile. Makes no difference.
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              I understand the OP is asking how to ACCESS the clips, not how to remove them. Once accessed, it ain't rocket science in how to remove them. To access them on K body Hawks, I can snake my hand and arm through a bottom, rectangular access hole. I use an offset screwdriver to reach up and wedge between the lock cylinder and clip, and it pries right off. To reinstall, I slip it in place from the bottom, then use a screwdriver to push it firmly into place. Not sure a C body Hawk has that access hole in the door but, if not, I'd cut one. Wear long sleeves, lest you cut yourself on the access hole edges, but they are rolled inward slightly, which helps. Come to think of it, the C body likely has an access hole too, in order to access the window regulator.


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                Well I did cut a small hole in the metal just to look and see which direction to go from there. Luckily, my grandson came by: young, agile, slim and long armed. He took a screwdriver and had both doors fixed before I knew what he was doing. It's hell getting old and fat.
                '60 Hawk