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Champ wheel rim paint?

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  • Paint: Champ wheel rim paint?

    Any opinions on what paint color the factory applied to the Champ wheels?

    Most including the 7E7 I just acquired seem to have white but I’ve also seen black or a body-color scheme?

    Thanks in advance,

    Dave in NC

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    There were no Body Color or Black wheels on Champs unless a Fleet was Special Ordered with "Company" Colors.

    They were White but NOT Stark White, it was Off-White with Yellow in the Tint.

    Sorry, I tried to show a good example but all the Champ Pics I have from eBay Trucks and Forum Members, have repainted Wheels and Bumpers, the wrong GM '64 Chev. (Refrigerator) White or incorrect Chrome Bumpers.
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      A close match is Ford Wimbledon White. Available in spray cans and in modern formulations.
      Skip Lackie


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        I did what Skip mentioned when I had the bumpers and wheels repainted back in 2011.


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          Many thanks everyone for the great responses. That cream white (also like Spinnaker White from MoPar is excellent.

          Mine are ridiculously bright white


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            Found a beautiful alternative with the relatively new Canvas White Gloss from Rustoleum and completed the two bumpers and four rims today, tire-on. It is less ivory than their Almond and saves me from having to haul out the HVLP system and reduced and activator to spray a similar auto paint white I’d used on my ‘64 C-10 wheels and bumpers.

            Prep: wiped with spirits, wiped dry with Viva towel (no lint!), sanded with 320G, blew+washed with water and allowed to dry.

            Masked at tire bead with 1” blue 3M, packing it in below the rim edge with a plastic putty knife. Brown paper and more 1” and I place it on a 20-inch “lazy-susan” I’ve had for years when repainting wheels. Spray stays still and the tire rotates with the other hand. Gives an excellent distribution.

            Pic shows sprayed tire versus previous white. Again, thanks for the tip about the off-white shade.