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Kind assistance on rebuilding a body tag for an 1963 Avanti

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  • Other: Kind assistance on rebuilding a body tag for an 1963 Avanti

    Dear Studebaker friends,

    I have been fortunate enough to purchase an R2 4 speed Avanti after passively looking for the right Avanti for quite some time.

    During the inspection of the car I realised that the body tag was missing. I knew that the body tag was not that important and went along and bought the car. Afterwards, I ordered a production sheet from the Studebaker National Museum and they kindly provided me with the necessary information so that I could track down the number which was originally embossed on the body tag. I also managed to find the blueprints used for the 1963 Studebaker Avanti body tag.

    Given that I am now looking to replicate the original body tag based on the blueprints, I really could not find the right company to do so and I was wondering if any of you would know someone who may help in replicating the original body tag based on the blueprints.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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    A quick search on google found these guys, who have a "studabaker" tag

    These guys too

    I realize a VIN plate is different than a body tag- but its a start. If they cant make it, they may be able to recommend someone.


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      Thank you Creegster. I have contacted both of them during the past month and the first ones do not get the body tag embossed (it is also mentioned on their website) while the second ones in France fear that they could not replicate 1/2 inch characters and did not reply back after two weeks - I will try follow-up in hope of a reply. I have tried to google and got a number of companies on the net but most of them are looking to build volume tags which is not my case unfortunately.

      I was wondering if any has had the same problem and was looking to learn from others' experience in this.

      All the best,


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        There is a guy in, I believe, Pennsylvania that makes embossed reproduction body tags for Studebakers. Hopefully, someone else can provide his name and contact information (it doesn't come to mind for me right now).
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          How about these guys?


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            Hi Creegster, A. G. Backeast ( was my first try as well. But unfortunately, I got a negative response from Bret confirming that they cannot emboss 1/2 inch tall stamp fonts on metal as they lack the right equipment.

            Maybe someone recalls the guy in Pennsylvania as studegary mentioned. And thank you for having me here.


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              Always good to check the TW vendor issue; Jerry Kurtz (Dover PA) makes reproduction body tags.


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                It would take some patience, but they could be done by hand, with a rounded punch, following a predrawn pattern. You could use a router to make the concave grooves in a wooden buck then go along the groove, and tap the metal down into it. It would take some time, but I believe it would work.


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                  If the Avanti uses the same type tag as all other Studebakers, Jerry Kurtz is your source, in Dover ,PA.
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