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  • Fuel System: Gas Tank Sending Unit

    I have a 1961 Lark 2 door wagon with a 58 289 in it. When the gas tank is full the guage reads 1/2. The sending unit has been replaced and it still reads half a tank when full. Everything is original guage and sending unit. Any ideas what the issue could be?

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    I know that when I replaced the sender in my 60 Lark I initially installed it in the wrong orientation, so the float wouldn't come up all the way / didn't read correctly. After double checking and spinning it around it now reads correctly.

    ​​​​​​Another thought: an incorrectly low reading indicates high resistance in the circuit. Could be a loose or corroded wiring connection, broken wire, etc.

    Hope this helps.


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      The Float should swing to the RIGHT on your Sending Unit. After cleaning and checking all connections at BOTH ends of that wire if the problem persists, you can always bend the Float Arm to correct it.

      Use a jumper wire to ground the Sending unit case while testing/adjusting the float level on the Trunk floor with the Ignition Sw. turned to "ACC" (Left).

      Just be sure to have on hand, a New Gasket and 5 Copper washers for sealing the screws.
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