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Help with LED blinkers on 51 Champion

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  • Electrical: Help with LED blinkers on 51 Champion

    I fitted “LED” park blinker LED lights on my 51 Champion, 6v pos ground system, everything works perfectly off the battery, very bright lights! BUT when I start the engine, the blinkers go haywire, they come on and just flicker!
    Any clues out there, it’s driving me crazy, I have fitted diodes to each light socket to stop feed back of power.
    Nothing seems to work with the engine running, only off the battery engine stopped.
    help needed.

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    Solid-state electronics hate mechanical voltage regulators. I have a digital multimeter that loses its mind if I use it on my car with the engine running. My guess is the voltage waveform created by the regulator is confusing the flasher. Does the flasher have a separate ground feed? That MIGHT help. A capacitor between the power lead and ground would help smooth out the power too. You could probably try an old points capacitor or a radio ignition interference capacitor but a smaller cap would probably be better.

    Other options are you also could just try another make/model of flasher. Or if all else fails use the old mechanical flasher with a resistor between the "L" terminal on the flasher and the turn signal switch to mimic the light bulb load. You would need 5-6 ohm and pretty hefty since it will carry some current. Good luck!



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      Im in the process of converting to LEDs for the blinkers on my Lark. I am waiting for ONE last bulb to come in that I forgot about: the Dash turn signal indicator.

      I had purchased LED bulbs for all the bulbs in the turn signal/marker circuit EXCEPT for the turn signal indicator in my dash. My advice is to make sure that there are NO incandescent bulbs left in that particular circuit. May not apply to your situation, but I kicked myself when I realized I still had a non-LED bulb in the circuit after mulling/cursing/testing for 2 weeks.


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        I would suggest trying a filter choke in the power feed to the flasher circuit, with a large electrolytic capacitor, say 1000 mF, down stream of it. You could possibly salvage both from the guts of an old UPS or desktop computer power supply.
        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands