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Power steering for 1961 Lark VIII - repair or replace?

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  • Steering: Power steering for 1961 Lark VIII - repair or replace?

    My power steering unit on my 1961 Lark VIII wagon is in need of either a major rebuild or replacement. It's a Bendix/Eaton unit. Aside from needing all new gaskets on the reservoir/pump, it appears that either the pulley or the shaft is slightly bent. Are these replaceable, or would the failure of one or the other require a new pump (I've heard that a bent shaft may require replacement of the whole pump). I recently disconnected the belt from the pump and with steering manually, I believe that I have managed to bust a seal or two in either the power steering ram or the control valve.

    The car is going into the shop for this problem soon - however, I'm finding difficulty in locating a mechanic who is willing to spend the time rebuilding the system for fear of the time needed to locate a donor pump assembly if needed. Putting feelers out here - anyone have a spare pump core in good shape that they are willing to sell?

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    The Eaton Pump was also used on '60's Fords and should be available freshly rebuilt, exchange for your core at NAPA, O'Reilly's and other Parts Stores as well as some Studebaker Vendors.

    You will want to have the Ram and Control Valve Kits and rebuilt pump in hand BEFORE taking to any Shops. These "Hesitant Mechanics" that do not know this, would NOT be where you want to go!
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      Good to know! I’ll start seeing if there’s anything already rebuilt.


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        Dave Thibeault rebuilds yours or sell you a rebuild system.
        Good guy!


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          Would have to guess that the pulley is bent as they are quite flimsy. The shaft is not easily bent. The control valve is a real bugger; it seems engineered to leak. Ditto what everybody said!


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            The pulley was replaced with one from a pump found in a ford - runs well now!