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    Hello All So I just picked up a pickup it's a 56 1/2 ton big 6 3speed with od. It's been sitting a long time the brakes are shot can I swap the brakes with a later truck say a t cab by changing the backing plates and shoes etc. If the big 6 is shot would the trans work with a v8 ? I know I need a bell housing it looks like the trans is a t86 not the t89 or t85. Thanks

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    Another SDC member just did a swap, brake wise, of what you are talking about. They took the brakes from an 8E Champ and swapped them over to a '55 E7. You could swap the earlier Champ brakes as well, but the 8E brakes are identical to the cars and have better stopping ability than the 7E/earlier brakes.

    Good luck!


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      Thanks that is one of the issues that crossed my mind . The other thought I have is swapping the 6 for a 259 sitting around here. I guess I'll have to pull the trans and see if it will work with a v8 .


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        Just look up the Input Shaft for a T-86 with the 245 Engine and the One for the 259/289, if the same Part Number, you are good to GO!

        I THINK they are different lengths.
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          Thanks for looking up numbers I will compare transmissions to one another at some time.