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bench testing and identifying Windshield Wiper Motors

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  • Other: bench testing and identifying Windshield Wiper Motors

    basically this. i have a couple of windshield wiper motors.
    i don't know how to test or identify them.
    I believe they came from a studebaker, but not 100%.
    I'm looking to retrofit one into my truck. I've got the truck specific parts other than the motor.

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    There are only a few types of motor. The stamped metal 'bracket' determines what (body ) model, The wire ends determine what year they 'fit' . Wire ends can be changed as well as brackets so you are in luck.

    The brackets were not even used on C Cabs and the motor just screwed to the brace. (makes it easier to find any motor )

    Ground the case and power up the wires. One at a time. 2 wires together for 'high'. A chassis wire diagram is the best way to be sure if it runs and turns off properly via whatever switch you are going to use. . I think the Yellow and Green run it, the Black one is for the parking. Its in the book.

    Use any chassis book, the wires are the same colors - multiple years up to '61 and then changed only slightly.
    Posting a pic of the motor and wire ends would help.


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      I'll try it.....
      I didn't know about the Lack of bracket. that might help immensely.


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        I noticed in your reply that you stated that the black wire was for parking, what did you mean by that being it is a windshield wiper motor.


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          Parking in a WW motor means that the wipers are returned to the full down/rest position. The parking circuit tells the wiper motor to park the wipers before shutting down. If there was no parking circuit, the wipers would just just stop wherever they were when the switch was turned off.
          Skip Lackie