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'47-'52 Starlight rear view mirror

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  • Body / Glass: '47-'52 Starlight rear view mirror

    I've always been surprised that there was apparently no special inside rear view mirror made for the '47 to '52 Starlight Coupes. The mirror in my car, at least, shows a very narrow rear view, suitable for the smaller rear windows and not taking advantage of the wide open view the Starlight rear window offers. No doubt it was a matter of cost.

    Has anyone ever found a good mirror swap from a later model car that can be made to fit the stock Studebaker mirror's dash mount, retaining most of the factory look but offering a wider rear view? Maybe even a mirror with a day/night adjustment.

    It's just a thought, but I know I'm not the first person to wonder about it. Any ideas?


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    A good glass shop knows what to do. Call around and ask but be prepared to spend some money. There is also (always) a risk of breakage so do not be surprised if it takes 2 tries.


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      A larger mirror would be useful, but I drove my Champion for many many miles with a stock mirror. The Commander now has a glue on mirror from a later car, but it interferes with the sun visors. I intend to move the mirror to the stock location, but I would be interested if you find a good replacement.
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