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Fuel system fitting treatment?

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  • Fuel System: Fuel system fitting treatment?

    I'm rebuilding the entire fuel system on my 1963 Lark R2. When I remount the fuel pump, a little non-curing Permatex on each side of the gasket is good, correct?

    Also, do I wrap anything around all the brass and steel fittings before I screw them in on the fuel pump, the fuel filter housing, and around the carburetor itself to prevent leaking? Or, do I just screw them in as-is?


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    I have used hylomar on the fuel line fittings with great success.
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      Brass Fuel Fittings are self sealing and require NOTHING.

      The Cast Aluminum threads in the Fuel Pump will be damaged or the Casting cracked if you use Teflon Tape, Sealants etc. because it causes over-tightening from lack of friction.
      Please do not overthink this!
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