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the frame guage on 66 models

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  • Frame / Springs: the frame guage on 66 models

    In 66 did they use the same gauge steel on the frames for V8s and 6 cyls? Or did the 6 cyls have a lighter gauge? I know in the 50s 6 cyls had a lighter gauge frame. Also, in the cars Stude always put the engines in a little cocked to the left. Did they do that with the Chevy engines too in 65 & 66?

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    when I said 'to the left' I meant as you're looking at the engine from the front


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      Parts manual shows 13 gage frames for 2 door models, 11 gage for 4 door models with no differentiation for 6 or V8.
      On engine offset, if you are talking about all the different holes in the mount brackets for V8 cars, the 1965-66 V8s have a totally different mount design, and there is no right-left option. The Chev V8 is narrower than the Stude V8 so offset shouldn't be necessary.
      For what it's worth, right and left in automotive terms is stated as if you were sitting in the car looking forward. Part numbers for left side items usually end in an odd number, and right side parts end in an even number.
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