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Paxton sn 60 repair manual?

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  • Engine: Paxton sn 60 repair manual?

    Looking for a printable version for an SN 60 repair manual/service manual.


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    The Avanti shop manual has a section on the Paxton's. That may be a good start.
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      Nevermind fixed.
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        I suspect you mean the glitch, or whatever, on this site is fixed; and not that your supercharger is fixed, and you no longer want the manual.
        Do you still want a copy of the manual?
        I'm also curious why you say "printable" copy. I can print a copy, and mail it in an envelope. Payment by Paypal. That's safer for you than downloading material from a stranger, but more expensive.
        I bought a copy of a genuine SN 60 Paxton repair/service manual a few years ago. I had never seen one before, although I collect material like that. I had to replace two missing pages with edited material from a VS 57 manual, but the results were pretty good. I sold a couple of copies, and had no complaints.
        It's from Paxton Products, dated May 1965, and is 25 pages, including the cover and a few of my notes. There are 3 full page illustrations, and 4 smaller ones. There are also pictures of 10 service tools. The title is "Service Manual For Centrifugal Type Blower Model SN - 60".
        Please PM me, and we can work out details.


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          Mike, I wouldn't mind paying for a copy also! I'll p.m. you. Bill


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            Got some pictures of the old Avanti manual.
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