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Clocking a Stewart Warner Fuel Gauge Sender

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  • Fuel System: Clocking a Stewart Warner Fuel Gauge Sender

    My being a CASO (my depression era dad would be proud) and needing a fuel sender unit (out of four cars, one fuel sender sorta worked) and knowing that I needed a Stewart Warner sender I thought I'll just get a generic one. That was great until I saw that there is a right and left handed version. Which one will work? Last weekend I sent a query to Stewart Warner and Monday morning I had a response. The picture depicts how to determine which one to use.

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    You may already know this but senders have different ohm values which must be matched to the gauge being used.


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      If you looked at your Studebaker Tank, you would see that a Left Hand Sender will not work, due to the closeness to the Left Wall.

      A 6 Volt Sender ('47-'55), DOES have a different OHM rating than a 12 Volt ('56-'64) Unit, and needs to Match the Gauge.
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        Good responses there and I should have pointed that out, I am using a Hawk Dash with SW instruments so the resistance values will be correct.


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          There should be a "tab" on the original cork gasket. That points right. The sending unit only lines up with the holes in one direction, much like the crankshaft drive pulleys.
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