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Engine rebuild budget question, for a 259

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    My rebuild is over 10 years old now; a buddy of Bob Kabchef's did it for me. He did all the usual stuff you're mentioning, bored .040 over (it had been rebuilt once before), new rods, pistons, valves, seats, springs and the other regular replacement parts (bearings etc.). Camshaft was good. We went for the all-metal timing gear set over the Celeron gears - a little more expensive but worth it. Although some have said they're noiser, I don't notice it. It was about $3,500 then; it might cost a bit more now.

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      A few years back there were a few threads on broken V8 crankshafts.

      Magnafluxing the crank and rods on ANY engine when it is apart is a good idea. Wet fluorescent is way better than dry powder.


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        I agree with the folks that estimate $3500 range, and that having engine completely rebuilt with the required machining.
        Having a “new” Studebaker engine is amazing; fun to drive with smooth power!


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          Just a brief note. The machine shop may make money when they bore an engine but remember, they are in business, they will need stand behind their work, so cheap is not always best. It is amazing how many people call me and say, "I did a cheap overhaul and now it burns oil" or "I have no oil pressure." I guess it is ok if that is all you can afford. Sometimes spending a few extra dollars makes the most sense.