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  • Brakes: Park Brake Cable

    Installing the Park brake on my '61 Hawk, at the end of the cable cover it has a brass section that is dished for a holding bracket, problem is I don't really know what this looks like.
    My car is RH drive, so could be a bit different from standard, there is also some unexplained holes in the floor directly above it, hopefully someone can shed some light on this,
    thanks in advance, Click image for larger version

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    Thightens to floor with a short special J-bolt

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      In a left hand drive car the cable passes almost directly under the accelerator pedal. I see in your first photo two small holes in the floor.
      This would be the location of the "j" bolt, which, if memory serves, has a 1/4" inside diameter. But don't trust my memory.
      If a "j" bolt isn't readily available, just get a cable clamp and cut off one side of the threads.
      The "j"bolt goes up from under the floor with the short leg of the j just resting in the second hole. A nut above the floor secures the cable tightly underneath.
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        Great, thanks for the info


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          This is a left hand drive Hawk, but you can see there is a U/J bolt that holds it. It bolts through the floor and has a nut on just one side of the "U" or "J".
          Click image for larger version

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            That great Ben, good pic,



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              Originally posted by Cus63 View Post
              That great Ben, good pic,

              No problem. This question has been asked before. Back then my car was on the rack (changing transmission) so it was easy to take a pic, and it is on this machine, so redily available.


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                Hi Cus, the E Brake cable mount shown in the photo is no big deal if it has gone missing you can make one it's just a piece of thin flat that's held in place by the J bolt, probably there to stop creasing the floor if over tightened. Cheers Harryhawk


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                  I use the u-bolt and nuts from a braided cable clamp. Works the same.
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                    Me too. The U bolt can be fastened more securely with 2 nuts. Be sure to use that little reinforcing plate; if you do not have one, one can easily be made.