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'51 Champion water leak

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  • '51 Champion water leak

    Occasionally my two-door '51 Champion spends a night in the rain. The result is often a wet area on the carpet right at the front of the door opening.

    The rain gutter coming off the roof ends right at that same body seam between the door and the front fender and, because the body bulges slightly at that point, gravity takes most of. the water directly into that seam. Apparently my weatherstripping is not sealing well enough to keep the water from getting past it and onto the carpet.

    My question: Is this the way it typically works on that particular body series? I know that just about every car and truck has a place where things didn't work out exactly as the designers and engineers hoped and water either builds up or gets past a seal, or dirt gets trapped by a seal or a piece of trim and, eventually, rust happens. Is this one of those spots, or does my car just need better seals on the doors?

    I don't know if the door seals which are currently on the car are the correct factory type or some universal-fit thing someone put on. If new seals are the likely fix, are all the seals that are being sold made by the same manufacturer or are there choices, and which ones works well? I need some suggestions.


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    Due to the very LIMITED demand comparatively speaking, compared to Newer Cars and Other Makes, there are None to VERY few Studebaker Parts that are multiple sourced.
    One Mfg. many sellers, all the same Parts and very close to the same Prices, usually only the Shipping varies.

    Fresh New Forward Door and all Door Seals are available for your Car, if you give the correct Year & Body Type to the seller or better yet, look up the correct Part Number on line yourself.
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      So would it be fair to say that the leak my car is experiencing is not a normal thing for the bodies of cars like mine, and that fresh door seals should solve the problem? Thanks.