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Alignment with Flaming River kit

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  • Steering: Alignment with Flaming River kit

    I converted to one of Southeast Stude's Flaming River rack and pinion kits in my '54 coupe custom. If anyone here has done this as well, my question is about alignment. My assumption is caster and camber are adjusted using shims at the inner ends of the upper control arms where the upper pin bolts to the frame bracket. Is that right?

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    Are you talking about their front suspension kit? Or do they offer a R&P kit that works with the stock suspension?


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      If stock suspension, caster and camber are adjusted at the upper outer "Trunnion". their is an eccentric pin that can be rotated for adjustment, usually after dis assembly and cleaning/lubing. Luck Doofus


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        It's the complete kit including ball joints and control arms. There are no eccentric pins with this kit.


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          Cosmo -

          If you think about've installed more modern control arms.
          That said, would you not adjust the caster and camber the same way that the more modern control arms do it ?

          Did the instructions tell you haw to adjust the caster and camber ? I would think they would have. If the manufacturer of the kit and ask them.