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T86 internal part question ( on 1956 V8 commander)

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: T86 internal part question ( on 1956 V8 commander)

    Hello Stude community--- my T 86 ( after a rebuild with New synchros ) will still pop out of SECOND gear occasionally upon deceleration ( when not in Over Drive)
    Apparently there is a spacer , located in the back of 3 speed case, just before the adapter for the OD unit, that should have been replaced. Spacer should be about 1/3/8" diam , 1/4 inch thick ? Can anyone tell me the name of this spacer? ---- where I can get one? or are they CUT to size needed depending on measured end play ect ? ---- *** AND, does anyone have a diagram or picture of this spacer-- ? Please advise so when I remove the trans for a second time, I am prepared................THANK YOU
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    More info is needed here to help:
    Where is this 'Spacer" Located, between what and what and ON what?

    Is it on the Countershaft inside the Cluster Gear at the rear? As in a Thrust Washer?

    UPDATE: OK, on further review, in the Main Case it could be the Picture Number 702-4, the 521758 Baffle, mainshaft oil. It is a Concave Plate.

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      With a T86, popping out of 2nd gear during deceleration is a classic symptom of the bell housing improperly aligned with the motor block (crankshaft).


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        That appears to be an oil baffle. it's on the rear of the main shaft. next time the trans is out remove the top cover and carefully examine the small teeth on the 2nd speed gear and compare them to the shape of the like teeth on the blocker ring. if this problem has been ongoing the teeth on the gear will be worn and wont hold, also excess end play on main shaft and bell housing misalignment. lots to check. Luck Doofus