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Speedometer squeal and bounce

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: Speedometer squeal and bounce

    The speedometer on my 64 GT has begun to badly squeal and bounce at about 55mph. I have a new cable and have greased it twice. The speedometer head spins fine if I hook it up to an electric drill and spin it. Don’t know what’s causing it.

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    First of all, did you know that there is also a small oil cup up on top of where the cable screws onto the back of the speedo? Use a really light oil up there; maybe sewing machine oil?
    You also want to look for and eliminate any kinks or tight bends in the cable cover. Depending on the condition of that cover, there may be a rough spot somewhere inside it.
    Finally, you need to really lube that new cable & its cover; consider a soup of both 10 weight motor oil and powdered graphite poured in at one end and worked through the entire length of the cover until it comes out the bottom.
    It is a messy job to do correctly so you may want to remove the entire cable assembly, so's not to trash your carpets.


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      The speedo itself is causing this, it needs to be removed and lubed at that oil cup. work the oil in by twisting the drive by hand and feeling for dry spots. the torque of the electric drill overcomes the dry bushing and accelerates wear. gently does it and it will loosen up nicely. Luck Doofus


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        As usual, I always seem to do things the wrong way and make things worse! Thanks guys for the information!