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Heater control valve

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  • Cool/Heat: Heater control valve

    My 1964 Commander heater control valve is leaking, does anyone know if they make a repair kit?

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    This should help
    Bez Auto Alchemy

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      Good instructions above Tracy, just be very careful and patient. If you are uneasy doing the rebuild yourselves there is a guy in Wisconsin that does them. I don't have his info handy but a search should yield some results. Hope to see you at the January meeting in Savannah, Bill.


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        Studebaker used Ranco heater control valves and the rebuild kits are available from NAPA. I rebuilt the valve in my 62 Hawk last year and if I remember correctly, the kit was around 10 bucks. The valves aren't hard to rebuild, but do take your time and be careful when doing it. Bud


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          Thank you all very much. I really appreciate your help. My goal is to be there and hopefully driving my commander.